An Aunt's Animal Alphabet



Book: An Aunt's Animal Alphabet

Author: Hailey Kathleen Hall

Rating: 5/5



"An Aunt's Animal Alphabet" is a lovely picture book in which the author has expressed her creativity to the fullest. I read this book with the kids in my house. 

We came across many animals. We were happy to meet some of the animals below. 

1 Jaguar - he has sharp teeth.

2 Mouse - who likes to eat cheese.

3 Owl - who's up all night and is not fond of light.

4 Yak - a big and hairy animal.

Interesting facts about different animals piqued my interest in this book. I also recommended this book to my sister for my nephews. The illustrations are pretty and made me enjoy this book with the kids. If you want your child to know about the animals of the animal kingdom then this is the perfect book. Go with it without any second thoughts. The author has won my heart with her brilliant work in this book. 

I will surely keep an eye on her future work too.



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