Growing through the Storm



Book: Growing through the Storm

Author: Sheila Malsam

Rating: 5/5



"Growing through the Storm" is one of the best books that I have read this year. This book teaches us to not give up too soon on God and our faith. It teaches us to hang tightly to God. This book made me believe that if things aren't happening our way in our life then they will happen in God's way when the time is right. 

This book made me realize how stupid I was to not believe firmly in God. God is the answer to all our problems. He gives challenges and problems to us so that they can shape us and make us stronger. I appreciate Sheila's parents for the support they provided to her daughter. The support and love from loved ones is very important in troubled times. Even after two troubled marriages, her parents and children didn't give up on her. Loved ones should support their family members in times of need. 

Sheila's sister made her realize how she wasn't in love with Brad. Sheila's journey is a lesson and inspiration for the readers. This book is a reminder to us that "With God all things are possible". Points to ponder mentioned within the book would help the readers to reflect on their lives. Those who love reading spiritual memoirs should get their hands on this one. I strongly recommend it to my fellow readers. It's a book worth every second of yours.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐


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